Repairing a Car

So, how does this work?

Here's how it works

Our process is simple and efficient


To get started, here is what we need from you:

  1. A recent account statement

  2. A list of the investment selections available in your 401k plan

  3. A completed 401k Tune-up intake form

Upon scheduling your appointment, you will be taken immediately to our online intake form. You have the opportunity to upload your account documents at this time as well, but we will also send you a secure upload link in case you don't have them on hand when you schedule your appointment.

That's it. We'll take it from there.  

Full Service 401k Tune-up

  1. Schedule your tune-up call

  2. Complete our tune-up intake form and upload your account documents

  3. Join us for a 30 minute telephone meeting to discuss your account


That's it! You now have a tuned-up 401k account

The average time commitment for most of our clients is about an hour. The first half hour is preparation you will do prior to your tune-up appointment, and the second half hour is to meet with us on the phone at the appointment time you select. We estimate the following- 

  • 10-15 minutes for you to find and download your account documents  

  • 10-15 minutes to complete our online intake form and upload your documents

  • 30 minutes to discuss our analysis and advice for your account.  

The Time

1. Schedule a time for your Tune-up

This one is easy as pie. Just use the link below to select a time and date that work for you, and we'll give you a call to discuss our analysis and advice for your account. We offer evening and weekend hours because we know life during the weekdays can be a little hectic.


Upon scheduling your tune-up you will be immediately directed to our intake form and secure document upload.

2. Compete our 401k-Tuneup Intake Form and upload your account documents

Our analysis of the results from your intake form and your account documents are what we use to form the basis of our advice. This is the part where you drop off your car and we start our diagnostic tests. 

The intake form is for us to gather a little bit of basic information about your financial situation, investment experience, goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. Not to worry, sounds scary but it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Analysis of your recent account statement and list of available securities in your 401k plan is how we determine the most optimal mix of fee's, investment performance, and risk profile for your account.


3. Meet with us for 30 minutes on the phone to discuss your account

By the time of your scheduled tune-up appointment, we will have analyzed your account, crunched the numbers, and formulated our recommendations. This is the part where you pick up your car, and our investment advice.

Could we just send you a PDF with our recommendations? Maybe, but we believe it's important to talk with all of our clients. We carefully and diligently tailor our advice for each individual and family. This is part of how we make sure we are giving you open, honest, and objective investment advice.


We don't bite, promise.    

That's how it works.

You are now back on the road to financial freedom with a tuned-up 401k account

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