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401k Tune-up


A service by A. Duncan Investment Advisory


Our 401k Tune-up is designed to help you get more optimal results from your employer-sponsored 401k, whether you are in the later stages of your career or just starting out.

We believe proper setup and maintenance of your 401k is one of the most important things you can do to achieve better investment outcomes on the road to financial freedom.

We're glad you're here, all are welcome

Mechanics at Work

What's a 401k Tune-up?

Just as the engine of a car needs a tune-up from time to time to keep it running smoothly, your 401k account might need a tune-up here and there to keep it running smoothly, ensuring you are getting the most optimal results from your investments. 

In a Meeting

Similar to the way an auto shop analyzes and optimizes the performance of your car, we analyze your current employer-sponsored 401k account for ways to OPTIMIZE:


                          1. FEES

There may be similar selections within your current plan that have lower fees. Click below to see an example of how fees affect investment outcomes over long periods of time.


There may be selections available in your plan that are likely to have better performance over long periods of time. See the difference just a few percent a year makes. 



There may be options better suited to your risk preference. Being comfortable with the risk level (how much it goes up and down) of your account is an important part of making smart choices about your investments. 


Our Tune-up's are particularly recommended if your 401k is currently invested in a TARGET-DATE style retirement fund.

Depending on your individual goals, risk tolerance, and time until retirement, target-date funds may NOT be ideal for you. (Hint... think fee's and performance) 

Meet Up
Financial Analyst

Ask yourself these questions (Be honest now...)


Do I know...

  • what I'm investing in?

  • how a target-date fund works?

  • how much I'm paying in fees?

  • how my investments are performing?

  • the risk profile of my selections?

  • if there are better investment options? 

  • how much I'm contributing each month?

  • how to navigate my account?


If you're like many 401k owners, you may not know all the answers to these questions. It's okay! That's why we're here. But for real- 


YOU NEED a 401k Tune-up!

Optimizing your 401k is one of the most important things you can do to benefit your financial future. 

  • Our process is simple, and efficient

  • 100% remote - Daytime, evening, and weekend hours available. 

  • All account sizes welcomed

  • Honest, objective advice

  • No strings attached - parts and labor included. 

  • Easy, one-time payment with a debit or credit card.



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